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Gentlemanliness is an art that can't be taught. But there's nothing wrong with getting style advice to widen your array of fashion choices and gather the confidence to handpick your looks and trends.

  • Your Main Accessory to Touch-Up on your 2018 Summer Style

    Posted on May 26 2018

    Summer is finally here, and men of style are bringing out the staples of their summer wardrobe: linen or seersucker suits, head to toe denim, light-colored outfits, floral patterns. An often-overlooked men’s accessory—the boutonniere—provides four ways you can dress up your warm-weather look and make the most of the summer months.
  • 3 Reasons to Wear a Boutonniere

    Posted on April 01 2018

    A modern gentleman's style is only as intriguing as his unique personal touch and the accessories that he chooses to display. Any style and fashion opinion leader has the confidence to be selective about the accessories that he chooses. Here are 3 reasons why you should mark your style with a boutonniere.
  • The Boutonniere: A Timeless Classic

    Posted on March 31 2018

    Traditionally, a boutonniere involved a flower with the stem pushed through the lapel buttonhole. Lapel Atelier's boutonnieres are designed with a magnetic clasp system that securely and neatly fastens the boutonniere to your lapel. Each boutonniere is uniquely designed, crocheted and assembled by hand and tested for endurance.
  • Why do we Wear Red and White Poppies?

    Posted on October 21 2016

    On the 11th month of every year, jacket lapels throughout many countries across the globe, are adorned with red and white poppies. These two familiar emblems, though related in meaning, symbolize different things.