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Your Main Accessory to Touch-Up on your 2018 Summer Style

Posted on May 26 2018

Your Main Accessory to Touch-Up on your 2018 Summer Style


It's the time for barbecues and cookouts, hazy lazy days at the seaside, afternoons at the cricket or the ballpark. Summer is finally here, and men of style are bringing out the staples of their summer wardrobe: linen or seersucker suits, head to toe denim, light-colored outfits, floral patterns, and brilliant or pastel colors.

Stylish Gentleman Wearing an Electric Blue Ascot Boutonniere on a Beige Blazer

The season also demands accessories that keep laid-back casual from slipping into sloppiness, and accentuate the fantastic elements that make summer style so fun. An often-overlooked men’s accessory—the boutonniere—provides four ways you can dress up your warm-weather look and make the most of the summer months.



Stay with the spirit of summer with a range of bright colored boutonnieres. Think vibrant reds, pastel pinks, glorious yellows, and mint greens. These capture the essence of the summer season, bright, playful and alive.

Stylish Man Wearing a Colorful Summer Yellow Ascot Boutonniere on a Navy Suit


For light-colored summer suits and jackets, a dark-colored boutonniere creates contrast and draws the eye. Think about deep blacks, rich browns, saturated maroons, or navy blues to set off pale grey or cream suits, light khaki jackets, or bright blue sports coats.

Businessman Wearing a Grey Suit with a Charcoal Black Westminster Boutonniere on the Lapel


Summer is the time for relaxation and recreation, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. A boutonniere is not just for formal occasions or the office; they also dress up a denim jacket or a linen sports coat. It’s unexpected – but always appreciated.

Man Wearing a Stylish Chelsea Boutonniere in Rich Red & White on a Denim Jacket


We often think in terms of color or pattern, but don’t forget the magic of texture.
From linen and chambray to seersucker, summer suitings are replete with wonderful textures. Set them off with a crocheted boutonniere, which boasts its own unique and intricate texture.

Stylish Man Wearing a Rich Red Ascot Boutonniere on a Pale Gray Summer Blazer

So there you have it: summer style with a single accessory. Intrigued? Explore our full Summer Style collection here.