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How to wear a boutonniere

Posted on May 13 2016

A tradition of elegance

The boutonniere is worn on the left lapel of a man’s suit, sport jacket, blazer, or overcoat; it is always attached above a man’s heart. The size of the boutonniere is dependent on the taste and style of the man: while a small flower conveys understated elegance, a larger boutonniere exudes supreme confidence.

Traditionally, a boutonniere involved a flower with the stem pushed through the lapel buttonhole. These days, functional lapel buttonholes are generally found only on high-end, bespoke suits. Therefore, boutonnieres are often pinned onto the jacket lapel--although this tends to damage the delicate fabric of the suit.  

A new take on a timeless classic

Lapel Lab boutonnieres are designed with a magnetic clasp system that securely and neatly fastens the boutonniere to your lapel. There is no need for a buttonhole or a pin--and therefore no chance of damaging the jacket. Each boutonniere is uniquely designed, crocheted and assembled by hand in the United Kingdom, and tested for endurance.


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