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Why wear a boutonniere?

Posted on May 13 2016

It’s a great conversation starter

When you wear a boutonniere, someone will always ask about it!  Because Lapel Atelier boutonnieres are modern in style yet handcrafted in traditional crochet, they tend to attract compliments and kick-start conversations. 


It shows you pay attention to details

Boutonnieres make a confident statement of individual elegance and are a sign of sophistication. Wearing one shows that for you, the little things matter.


It's a masculine classic

Throughout history, great warriors, statesmen, and sportsmen have worn flowers. In war, knights and soldiers have proudly worn flowers on their helmets and their chests, and on days of remembrance we commemorate our heroes with red and white poppies.

Stories regarding the origin of the boutonniere vary. The most notable is that of Albert, Duke of Saxony, who slit a hole in his lapel to display the small bouquet given to him by Queen Victoria on the day of their wedding in 1840. From that day on, Albert is said to have instructed his tailor to stitch a buttonhole (or a “boutonniere” in French) in the lapel of every jacket he owned.

Modern men who don boutonnieres display an awareness of tradition and a sense of style that transcends cigars, scotch, chiseled jaws and big beards. 


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