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About us

From sprucing up an everyday suit or adding a touch of class to an ordinary blazer, to marking a special occasion in a distinctive and memorable manner, Lapel Atelier offers uniquely designed and handcrafted boutonnieres that provide masculine elegance for the modern man.

For the fashion connoisseur, the choices on the market include expensive designer boutonnieres in a limited range of colours and styles; ill-designed and poorly crafted cheaper options; and fresh flowers that can be difficult to source, quickly wilt, and do not travel well.

Lapel Atelier offers hand-crocheted, hand-crafted boutonnieres of various styles and colours that add flair to a man's suit while also being functional, durable, and easy on the suit lapel.

Lapel Atelier boutonnieres feature a magnetized clasp mechanism that attaches to the suit lapel without piercing the fabric. For added elegance, the magnet is wrapped in ultra soft, sheepskin leather. 

Every one of our boutonnieres is hand-crafted in London, England. Because they are handcrafted one at a time, no two Lapel Atelier boutonnieres will be identical. Each stitch reflects the artistry and skill of our craftspeople, so you know that your boutonniere is one of a kind.

Our boutonnieres are a new take on a timeless classic, and we celebrate the men who have worn them, from royals and rulers to Hollywood stars and style icons. 

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